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3 Signs That You Have A Problem With Mould

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Having mould in your home can be scary. You might think at the beginning that it is just a nuisance, but if it goes untreated for a large amount of time it could affect the health of those in the home. For this reason, it is important that you address the problem of mould right away and take care of it before the problem becomes too large. Here are a couple signs that you have mould in the house.

1. Symptoms Similar To An Allergic Reaction

Many people who are exposed to mould will show symptoms much like an allergic reaction. They will get rashes all over their body, have trouble breathing, watery eyes, sneezing and much more. This is especially the case if the person is already sensitive to dust and allergens. For instance, an asthmatic person may show the symptoms earlier than someone whose has a high functioning immune system.

If you have mould in the walls, you might find that people in the house seem to be getting sick with strange colds even though the cold doesn't seem to go away or surfaces at strange times. In addition, if someone has an allergic reaction without being exposed to any known allergen, mould could be the culprit.

2. A Strange Smell

Many people do not realize that mould gives off a strange smell. Even before the mould has become toxic, you will start to notice a smell. It generally starts out as being a smell much like mildew. Remember mould tends to grow in areas that have a lot of moisture. This means that you should expect to smell something strange around areas that are highly concentrated in water. Bathrooms are a normal place, as are basements, sinks and inside the walls by pipes. If there is a strange smell in your house that you don't know where it is coming from, then check for mould.

3. Neurological Symptoms

If the mould in the house becomes so severe that it becomes toxic, it can cause neurological symptoms. In fact, some people have reported that the symptoms appear very similar to those of Alzheimer's disease. You might experience memory loss, speech delays, irritability and confusion. If you have not had any signs of Alzheimer's and are starting to show strange signs of neurological dysfunction, you should leave the house and see a doctor immediately.

By recognizing when you have mould in the house you can catch the problem before it becomes severe. Contact a professional for more information on mould remediation