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How To Repair A Rust Spot On A Car

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Rust will eat away at the body of a car and rot the body until the body of car crumbles. You can repair a small rust spot on the car by following the simple steps outlined below.


  • Painters tape
  • Can of matching paint
  • Can of primer paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Grinder or electric sander

1 - Start by taking a piece of rough sandpaper and sand down the rust off the vehicle. Make sure that the rust is completely removed and that you sand down to the metal. You can use a metal grinder or electric sander for this step to make the process go faster and ensure that you can get all the rust off the car.

2 - Tape off the paint around the area that has been sanded so that you don't contaminate other areas of the car when painting.

3 - Apply a coat of primer paint to the area where the rust was removed. The primer is used to conceal the metal from showing through the paint on the car and to act as a base to lay the matching color of paint on the vehicle. Once the primer has been applied, make sure you let it dry for a full twenty-four hours before you move to the next step. During the twenty-four hour drying period, you should avoid all water and park the car in an area that has shelter from the elements.

4 - Apply a coat of paint on top of the primer to match the color of the rest of the automobile. While painting, make sure that you coat the car evenly throughout and that you do not lay on excess amount of paints in one area. Heavy paint can result in bumps or bubbles on the car that are noticeable and unattractive. Make sure that the paint is applied in one direction and that you don't brush back and forth when applying the paint to the car. Let the paint dry for a full twenty-four hour period before driving the car or subjecting it to the elements.

5 - Remove the painters tape on the car to complete the job.

If you don't have the time or energy to invest into fixing a rust spot, or for larger rust spots that have eaten a whole in the body of the car, you should take it in to get fix at an auto body specialist, like Loewen Body Shop Ltd. They can fix the car and deal with much larger rust issues on the car that need to be addressed for the car to run properly.