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Protect Your Home And Prevent Collapsed Gutters - Signs Your Gutters Need To Be Cleaned

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Home ownership can be exciting and fulfilling, but it also comes with a variety of maintenance tasks that many people may never have anticipated. One of the most important of these is gutter cleaning, as fully functioning gutters are an essential part of deflecting potentially destructive water away from your home and into places in your yard which can absorb it.

If you've never been responsible for cleaning your gutters before, you may not be aware of even the most obvious signs that the task needs to be completed. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those signs, allowing you to stay ahead of clogged gutters and make sure you always have the flow you need.

Animal Activity

When it comes to concerns surrounding nature, animal instincts can almost always be trusted. In the case of your gutters, when you notice furry creatures scurrying around in them, it's likely that they've found seeds or nuts to dine on or sufficient plant material to make a comfortable resting spot.

Even if your gutters remain relatively clear, it's still a good idea to clean them out to deter any animal activity. The risk that the weight of an animal could tear your gutters away from your home is relatively high, so taking steps to discourage their presence will be good for your home's longevity.

Plant Growth

When your trees begin to shed leaves and seeds in the fall, you may not immediately notice an effect on your gutters. However, when the spring rains come and plants begin to sprout, you can find yourself with a serious weight and blockage problem that should be immediately addressed.

Any visible plant growth coming from your gutters is likely a sign of more significant growth that has so far gone undetected. Make sure that you thoroughly hose out the gutters to prevent any seeds or small plants that may cling to dark and difficult to reach spaces from growing again.


Even the hardest rain storms should be able to be handled by a properly installed and maintained gutter system. When rain begins to splash over the sides and flow erratically, it's likely a sign that the smooth flow of water has been interrupted by a blockage. If you notice spillover or you see large puddles collecting in places where your gutters aren't meant to direct water, it's time to climb the later and search for the blockage that's causing you trouble. For more information, contact companies like Nick's Gutters window cleaning.