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3 Signs That Your House May Have Water Damage

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One of the hardest parts about dealing with water damage is actually identifying and finding the source of the damage, mostly because the leak is actually occurring within your walls, floor, and ceiling. Listed below are just a few signs that your home has sustained water damage and is in need of repair. 


One of the easiest ways to track down water damage in your house is to pay attention to any foul or musty odors that are persisting throughout your home. For example, if you notice that a smell is repeatedly occurring within one of your rooms despite how often or long you air the room out, then there is a good chance that there is water damage inside one of the walls in that room. The smell can be caused by everything from rotting insulation or wood to mold and mildew growth. 

Wall Damage

Another sign that your house may be experiencing water damage is if you notice that your walls are sustaining damage or becoming deformed. One example of this would be noticing that your paint or wallpaper is actually coming away from one of your walls. In many cases, this is occurring because water is actually seeping between the wall and the paint or wallpaper and separating them enough to cause the paint or wallpaper to begin falling off. 

You should also have a water damage repair service inspect your home if you notice a dark spot appearing on your walls. This is especially important if the spot appeared overnight or in a very short period of time, as this can be a sign of a major leak that will cause a lot of damage if you do not have it repaired quickly. In addition, dark spots can also appear on your house's exterior walls due to a hole in your walls or roof that is allowing rainwater into the house.

Damaged Wood

Finally, you will definitely want to pay attention to damaged wood around your windows or near the floor of your home. For example, if you see that the wood of your windowsill, baseboards, or molding is becoming discolored or crumbling, then there is a good chance that a water leak is to blame. It is vital that you deal with this issue quickly, as the water getting into the wood can quickly spread and cause neighboring areas to begin rotting and crumbling as well, which can lead to some very expensive repairs.

Contact a contractor or water damage repair service today if you suspect that your home is experiencing water damage. A foul odor, damage to your walls, and damaged wood are all common signs that your house may have water damage that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.